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Minimum Wage Debate

Right Winger Moves Left & Lefty 

Moves Right.


Stupid Me” just woke up with a good idea.  

  I’ll start from the beginning.  

First let’s say that the amount of money to maintain a “basic standard of living” is enough to provide  the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, education plus some pleasurable stuff needed to live a basic standard of living.   Do you agree?  Of course you do. 

Currently, in our society, there are those who’s wages do not provided enough to meet those needs. 

So how do they survive?  Simple.  They receive enough government benefits which include entitlements, food stamps, subsidies and various other social services that are funded by your  taxes  to maintain their basic standard of a living . 

But wait.  Instead of paying entitlements, why don’t we increase the minimum wage?  The worker will be making more money and afford to pay for their own standard of living.   At the same time, the government will save a fortune in welfare entitlements.   It’s the business community will be responsible to maintain a living wage instead of our government.       

Government will save a fortune

But wait there's a glitch.  

Because of this increase in their bosses labor costs their profit margins are reduced and they have to raise their prices for the very products and services the minimum wage increase was designed for the worker to afford. 

 Now the workers are back where they started from not earning enough money to cover expenses to support the same standard of living. 

Now what do we do?  Do we get the employer to increase the minimum wages again which again will increase the selling prices for the very products and services the minimum wage increase was designed for the worker to afford?

What can government do to prevent those business people form raising their prices?  

One idea is to take the money our government is saving by not spending our taxes on welfare and simply give it to those employers by reducing their taxes so they don’t have to raise their prices. 

But wait, I have a better idea.   Let’s raise the minimum wage and let those big business employers be responsible for giving their workers a living wage.  So take that!  You conservatives!  

Now instead of the government using our taxes to meet that living wage, give that money back to us by lowering our personal income taxes.  So take that!  You liberals!   

Hay wait, there’s good news!   If we pay less taxes we have more money to spend on products and services.   Also, the employers now have more money to spend on creating a supply of services and stuff to meet our demands.   

Hay Wait!  Isn’t “supply and demand” the subject of free market Adam Smith economics?  I remember that from high school.  But wait, there’s more!  as they say in TV commercials.

Now when more people buy more stuff and services our economy expands which benefits everywons standard of living. 

So fancy that.  So now my idea should make happy the Right wing conservatives by lowering taxes and the Left Wing Liberals by increasing the minimum wage.  Now both sides can experience free hugs. 


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