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Check Out This New Way to Tell Time...

             Check  Out This New Way To Tell Time                             W ith the  old digital technology  you can tell the time by looking at it.  However, with this new  wind up clock technology  you can also tell What Time It Was!                           But wait, there’s more!  With the new wind up  technology  you can actually experience the passing of time by watching the motion of the second, minute, and hour hands go by.    I n addition to being able to tell what time it was, by simply  looking  at this new technology you can also tell:  What time it’s going to be,  How many hours have gone by, How many hours you have left, How many minutes have gone by, How many minutes you have left, How many seconds have gone by, How many seconds you have left, How many hours in a day, When morning starts, When afternoon starts, When evening starts.  This new technology is wireless and it doesn’t need batteries.  You simply  wind it up  with your thumb and index finger.   With the ol