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Pro Life VS Pro Choice Debate With A Different Ending...

    Not long ago my main squeeze and I attended a friend’s dinner party. After dinner during small talk in the living room, two women were having a “Pro-life / Pro-choice” friendly, but heated debate.  What we kept listening to were arguments for both sides.   The debate was so intense  that that my friend’s dog took shelter under a couch cushion.  After about an hour of them taking turns making each other wrong, I realized that they were not responding to each other’s arguments.   Every time either would make a point the other responded with a different point or an attack.   All of a sudden, I had a realization, cognition, and an epiphany that I wanted to share. “Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"   All of a sudden there was a polite silence between the debaters.     Even my friend’s dog stuck his head out from under the couch cushion with an expression of relief.    I told the ladies that I found their debate informative. However I realized that their attention should be focu