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A Gift For The Heartless Conservatives And Bleeding Heart Liberals

Stupid Me” just woke up with a good idea. I’ll start from the beginning. Currently in our society, there are those of us whose wages do not provide enough to meet our needs.   So how do we survive?  Simple. We receive government benefits which include entitlements, food stamps, subsidies and various other social services that are funded by our taxes to maintain a basic “living wage”.        I ncreasing the minimum wage is a good idea, because workers will be making enough income to support themselves and the government will save a fortune in welfare entitlements.  The business community will be responsible for maintaining that living wage instead of the government.     But wait—there’s a Glitch!    Presently there’s a proposal    to raise our taxes to maintain that basic “living wage”    from $7 to $15 per hour.   That’s    more than a 100% increase their wage.   Its reasonable to assume if this goes through, the more seasoned more productive workers who are already earning around the