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Fair Share -vs- Class Warfare

  Some time ago I was a referee involved in a political discussion between two of my friends. One of them tended to be to the right of Atalla the Hun while the other friend’s views seemed to lean somewhat to the left of Carl Marks and Joseph Stalin. “You bet your ass it’s class warfare.”  “It’s about time we socked it to the rich.”      After listening to this diatribe on how the rich are not paying their fair share and the middle class are waging class warfare, I was asked, “Ivan, did you know that Warren Buffet’s secretary pays a higher tax rate on her salary than Buffet and his billionaire buddies pay on their income?”   Yah……… I said to myself. I also heard that on the news and had no reason to believe it wasn’t true. Now!    How do I respond? Should I respond with class warfare or fair share? Instead, I said  “Aha!……would you guys like some ice cream?”.  Boy, was that a wakeup call for me. Are the rich really paying their “fair share” or not? Is the left really waging “class warfa